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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Place marker...

Time is short as usual. But I want to be able to remember what we've up been up to recently, so, quickly -

I've finished with the observations for my PGCE. One last Tuesday, one yesterday. Both went very well, all boxes ticked (and that's a lot of boxes, trust me), so I've officially passed the practical part of my course. Now I just have to hand in a wodge of assignments. June 1st is D Day. Aaargh.

Am wrestling with forms for Steve's student loan. Why oh why am I not better at filing official documents? I am definitely losing the plot a bit; keep tracking down documents and then re-losing them. Aaargh.

Am probably going to be teaching across two faculties next year. Aaargh.

Am feeling ill and tired. Probably not swine flu, more likely an allergic reaction to the fact that I have to interact with AndyPandy, my PGCE supervisor, tonight. And have to drive to bloody Weybridge in order to do so. Aaargh.

On the plus side, we spent a beautiful sunny Saturday with my folks in Beccles. First time in ages we've had a whole day of R&R. It was lovely. And we've planted some tomato plants, some carrots, and a solitary runner bean. Hope they don't die, we are quite besotted with them. Also, went for a really nice run on Monday morning. Who'd have thought I'd ever say "nice" and "run" in the same sentence??

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