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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unexpected enjoyment

Our garden has been completely and utterly neglected for lo these many months, and it has been annoying all of us, in a low-key sort of way. We keep making vague noises about sorting it out, and never get around to it. Rather pathetic of us, seeing as our garden is a teeny tiny patch anyway! This afternoon, though - a beautiful sunny afternoon, by the way - the kids offered to tackle the weediest, biggest flowerbed if we could get buy some flowers to plant in it. So Bobby and I went down the road to the garden centre and bought some marigolds and some begonias and some lobelias, and a lavender bush, and when we got home the kids had indeed made substantial inroads on the weeds. Between the five of us, we finished weeding the disaster zone, did some pruning, planted out the baby plants, and put some veggie seeds into seed trays. And everyone enjoyed it, and the barbeque that followed. Even Roly; he loves it when everyone is out in the garden with him. Odd how the nicest family times happen by accident.


Andrea Q said...

Your last statement is so true!

Jane_hates_Dick said...

Agreed. And I think it sounds like an absolutely wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

you know, working together often brings as much delight as playing together. And it's such a great feeling when the garden is ready for spring and summer.
sounds like a wonderful day spent together.

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