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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

baby plants

I am besotted with my baby plantlets.

I check on them as soon as I get home from work; yesterday, I fed the tomatoes before I fed the children. (The children find these new priorities distressing.)

I am terrified that the slugs will destroy them (plants, not children); I have still not quite got over last year's Courgette Massacre. One day, my plants were flowering; the next day, they were slug-munched stumps. Seriously. Eaten right through.

We've planted tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions, beetroot, mange tout, peppers, a pumpkin, and some courgettes. And some baby corn. And some basil. The thyme and the mint survived the winter and are looking perky again. So far, nothing has been eaten - the only failure (so far) is the carrots. They haven't yet come up, and we are starting to suspect that they won't. Perhaps we should plant some more...

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