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Friday, May 15, 2009

Slug Pub

Our morning inspection of the veggie patch revealed a slime trail and two lettuce plants reduced to stalks.


Something had to be done, so we have constructed a slug pub. Also known as a beer trap. Carling lager; the can says "refreshment for all" and let's hope that includes slugs.

In other news, the students wrote their Psychology exam today. It seemed to go well; we'll have to wait till August when the results come out before we know for sure, though. Sociology on Monday; let's hope that they are all spending their weekend revising rather than socialising.

And I finished one of my assignments; one down, two to go! It's going to be an amazing feeling when I'm finally done.


Andrea Q said...

LOL, slug pub! I'll have to remember that if we get attacked.

Anna V said...

Eggshells work as well and I had some success with grapefruit skins.

Beer is way more fun though!

novaks8 said...

oh i hate slugs


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