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Sunday, August 26, 2007

I have an image in my head of a 19th century housekeeper, with all her keys hanging from her belt. And I am thinking of getting myself such a belt, and keys to go with it. Keys for the linen cupboard (because if they couldn't get a fresh towel three times a day, then people might think twice before abandoning their current towel in a nasty soggy heap on their bedroom floor), keys for the fridge (because there are few things more annoying than making a pizza base only to discover that someone got hungry and ate all the cheese in the middle of the night), keys for the grocery cupboard (think along the same lines as the fridge) and keys for my bedroom cupboard (because even though we have the same size feet now, that doesn't automatically mean that you can take my socks, wear them, and then leave them scrunched up in a nasty little ball under your bed for me to find days later when I really need a pair myself!)

And, while I'm about it, if I'm going to be a housekeeper, I think I'd better hire a decent staff to take care of this house. I think that having a cook, a housemaid or two, a gardener and maybe even (thought I think we could probably get away without one) a butler, would make my life much less tiring.

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Maddy said...

And so say all of us ... you are so on the money with this post. I wonder if my family of boys think we have a fairy that pops in overnight and does "stuff". Hmmm that key thing is sounding more like a good idea all the time.