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Thursday, November 26, 2009

thursday interlude

I spent a couple of hours after work this evening interviewing some of next year's prospective students. It is lovely to see how excited they all are about starting college next year. I envy them a little - all those choices to make, so many options, so many opportunities!

I envy Stephen a little too - he seems to be really enjoying university, and making the most of the experience. He is lucky to be at such a good university, and in such an amazing city to boot. He came home for supper on Friday night (first time we'd seen him in a month), so we were able to catch up with him. It was good having the family together again; after Bobby and I went up to bed we could hear the three kids downstairs, laughing about something or other...It's a lot quieter with only two at home...

It'll be just Bobby and me at home tomorrow night - Em'll be working, and Sophie's going to a sleepover. Much as I like having everyone home, I can't deny that I'm looking forward to an evening on our own!

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