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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home alone!

Sophie was at a sleepover last night, and Emily was working 5.30 till 9.30, so Bobby and I had the house all to ourselves for a few hours. Posh pizza and nice wine from M&S, crackling fire, candles, white chocolate liqueur ... great night in. Till 9.45, when we had to vacate the livingroom to tactfully make way for Emily and her friends. Felt a bit like being evicted from paradise.

This morning's been good too. We went for an early-morning run around Earlswood Lakes,

...then home to coffee and the Guardian. And we've done the housework - I love the feeling when all the chores are done and the house is tranquil and organised, so now we can relax and feel completely guilt-free too.

I will have to do some work this afternoon though ... it's a very good thing that I truly like the subjects I teach.

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Rummfor5 said...

You described one of my favorite things. A clean orderly home, chores done and relaxation to be had and enjoyed! :)