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Friday, October 02, 2009

Glad it's Friday

Poor Sophie.

Today was the day of her blood tests - fasting blood tests, at that.

Things could have gone better.

We were at the hospital just before 8 (the blood taking department opens for business at 8, and if you get there right as it opens you can be in and out in 10 minutes). We were both rather hungry (I hadn't eaten or drunk either, in solidarity with Soph...) but in good spirits. But, the second after I'd driven into the carpark, I realised that I'd left the pathology form at home. Aaargh. It's one of those annoying carparks that gives you a ticket, you pay at a machine inside the hospital, and then use your ticket again to drive out. So I'd have to walk all the way into the hospital, pay, and then go home again... But luckily Bobby hadn't left home yet, so he brought the form over to us. So, slightly stressful, but no crisis.

Because of the delay, 10 people had got in before us, so we had to wait for about 45 minutes to be seen.

Once in the blood-taking room, there was another delay because the nurse had to find out what one of the tests - the key one - was. (I'm glad she asked; a while ago when Ems had some bloods done they tested her for glandular fever instead of IGF-1. Unsurprisingly, she tested negative).

The nurse had to draw quite a few vials of blood, and Sophie was doing really well, until, while the second vial was being done, she said she could hear her pulse beating - then her eyes rolled back in her head, she went a nasty grey colour, and she passed out cold. The bit that scared me was that she was kind of twitching while she was unconscious. It only lasted for a minute or so, and then she recovered consciousness... Scary for both of us, though. And she felt really rough when she came round. The nurses were very sweet; they were outraged that the doctor had scheduled such a big array of fasting tests when only one - and a non-essential one at that - strictly needed to be done fasting. They sent us off to go get some food and drink into Sophie, and then bumped us back to the front of the queue for the remaining tests. Sophie was very brave again - and, fortunately, there was no more fainting.

I thought Sophie might want the day off school after her unpleasant morning, and I was ready to phone in to work and ask them to organise cover for me, but she said she was fine and wanted to go to school. So that's what she did. Tough little cookie.

Let's just hope that all the tests come back completely normal, so we can steer well clear of hospitals for the forseeable future.


Anonymous said...

When Adam fainted recently, he also twitched and clenched his teeth. Scared the daylights out of me. But maybe that's just what people do when they faint?

What a horrible ordeal for poor Sophie. Do the docs suspect her insulin levels or something?

Hope you all have a really lovely weekend to make up for it!


zunzun said...

How scary...I was told that I did the same...twitched when I passed out. I was looking (stupid me) at the doctor excise a cyst from my thigh. I remember thinking "how cool...oh look... a big hole" and then went out like a light.

She's great though...I totally would have ditched class.

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a trooper! How scary though. Hope you get the results swiftly.


Annalise said...

Thanks for the good wishes - and glad to know the twitching is normal!

And Fiona, why did Adam faint??

Anonymous said...

He was home sick from school and stood up too quickly from a chair. Keeled over onto a tiled floor, hitting his head twice on the way down.

Ambulance, CT scan, blood tests. Fun, fun, fun.

Luckily it was all normal. The doc said little kids faint all the time. I must say I do remember them dropping like flies in assembly when we were little.

That was about 6 months ago and he hasn't done it again, thank goodness!