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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The movie last night was really good. I don't usually enjoy thrillers all that much, but I found this one gripping. I could actually feel my heart racing during the tense bits - so odd, that watching something that I knew was not real could affect my body so dramatically.

I've been tired today, though. I think having a full teaching load, and teaching on three courses, is catching up with me. So I am treating myself to an afternoon and evening off. I left work as soon as I'd finished teaching today (and of course, I will pay for that on the weekend, as Wednesday afternoons are my prep times) but I think it'll be worth it. So this afternoon, instead of working, I had my hair cut - and by a decent hairdresser, not by gruesome leaves-bald-patches girl - and then I bought myself a new sweater, and the new Nick Hornby book. So tonight after dinner there'll be no marking, and no lesson preparation. And also no run. Instead, there'll be a hot bath, snuggly pjs, a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit or two, and my new book. Aaaah.

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Andrea Q said...

Sounds perfect!