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Friday, October 09, 2009

Another week

Ah, Friday. Bliss.

Tuesday night's Open Evening at college tired me out. It is weirdly exhausting answering the same questions again and again... and again. My least favourite question: "So what is Psychology, exactly?". Also annoying are the parents who either studied Psychology themselves, and want to talk about it, and the ones who always wanted to study it, but didn't. It depresses me, seeing their bored offspring shuffling and trying to escape while their parents wax lyrical. And then there are the pushy parents (and when I wear my parent hat I must admit I'm one of these myself) who ask searching questions about AB percentages and class sizes and league tables. I don't mind those ones, actually, our results are good enough that I can answer all those questions very smugly. All the insincere smiling wears me out, though. And it's a very long day - in at work by 8.30, and we're only done with the open evening at 9pm. We've got the second open evening on Tuesday - not looking forward to it, I must say.

The work weeks go by so quickly these days. Still, busy as I am, it's better than last year. No more horrible Greenwich assignments, and I only have to be observed once. (In fact, since I'm mentoring someone, I am sometimes on the other side of the observation process these days - which feels sort of strange...) I live in hope of getting far enough ahead that I don't have to work over the weekend, but it's not happened yet. It's lucky that I actually do enjoy my work...

However, despite the marking and prep I'll have to squeeze in, I'm looking forward to a peaceful weekend, sleeping in with Bobby, hanging out with the girls, going for a run, doing some baking, and of course reading... I started Ian McEwan's Saturday last night and ended up reading till almost 1. Which may explain why I was dragging by 4.15 this afternoon...

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dee said...

Ya know I always wondered how it felt to be on the otherside of the table at parents night. Just went to my kidlets this evening. I'm the easy parent...just tell me how he's doing, what we need to work on and I shall be on my way. Quick and painless...but still I always feel awkard at them like one day he will be failing at something and they will tell me what a crappy parent I am!!