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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Perfect Summer

It's been beautiful here recently. Long, perfect, summer days; days when the sun shines all day; days when it's still light at 10 and you can lie in the garden with a glass of wine and look up at the leaves and the sky... Knowing that it can't last forever makes it all the sweeter.

And everything is growing! My pumpkin plant is spreading its tentacles in a triffid-like way, the courgettes are getting bigger by the second, there are dozens of baby tomatoes, and the peas are flowering! It's all very exciting.

The flowers in the fields around us are gorgeous too.

I took this at about 6.15 on Saturday morning (it's light here well before 5 at the moment). Wild poppies and daisies and cornflowers ... My favourite colour in the crayon box when I was 6 was Cornflower Blue, so it makes me happy to finally see cornflowers growing wild.

And I think this is flax growing in this field. I am enjoying seeing the seasons change on my running route; so far, I've seen this field frozen and grey; freshly ploughed; sprouting tiny green shoots; and now covered in blue and white flowers.

Oh, and my parents spent this past weekend with us; it was lovely. We hung out at home on Saturday, and on Sunday the boys went to an airshow, and us girls took the train down to Brighton. We looked at pretty clothes in the lanes, and walked along the pier, and ate chips on the seafront. And ate Chinese takeaway when we got home (from the place where Ems has her Saturday night job). Delish.

I'm still working hard; lots to do before term ends on the 14th. Teaching is over, but I have an awful lot to prepare for next year, and it all has to be done as soon as possible, as other people will also be using the materials I'm working on. It's somewhat stressful but also quite enjoyable.

One more picture, this one taken in the parking lot at the climbing gym last week.

Sophie wants to start climbing again so we've started going to the gym again. I'm enjoying it - it feels good to work my neglected muscles again. Hope she maintains her enthusiasm. I think it'd be good if we started climbing regularly again...


Jo said...

i can't see the pix for some reason....hope i can before we leave for the cottage! have an awesome summer and enjoy the garden! i can't believe you have veggies growing already! i guess since we had cold and frost until mid-june explains it! LOL!

Andrea Q said...

My kids call bikini bathing suits "zucchinis". Maybe I should introduce the British term to them to differentiate and keep Grandma from being confused ;)

Your summer sounds lovely!

Maddy said...

It sounds like bliss, it's freezing here. None of the pic's are showing by the way.

Annalise said...

Hopefully the pics are showing now?

Rummfor5 said...

The photos are lovely. Especially the field of flowers.
Cornflowers always makes me think of the Senior Mr Emerson and 'A Room With A View' :)
What a wonderful start to your summer. It all sounds great (save the swine flu. Hopefully that will skip you all entirely).