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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Three more days!

Just three more work days till the summer starts!

I'm working flat-out during these last few days, getting things ready for next year. It's quite enjoyable actually; I am loving updating all my resources, finding extra bits and pieces of research to challenge the best students, and working out ways to make things more accessible for the students who struggle. It feels really good to have a permanent post - it means that the more work I do this year, the easier it'll be next year, and the year after.

We are all also supposed to make sure that we have super-detailed lesson plans for the whole of the Autumn term, as they're expecting a lot of swine-flu absences in both students and staff as the summer ends. Already there are cases at Sophie's school, and they've moved away from trying to contain the virus by shutting schools etc to simply treating the infected. So college won't close no matter how high the infection rate... Pity, that! Specially as London currently has the highest infection rate in the country...

Looking ahead to the summer, it looks like Bobby's mum and sister will be visiting us in August - should be good! We haven't seen Bobby's sister since his Dad's funeral in 2005 ... far too long...

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