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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Why can't we have a cool president? One with chiselled good looks, liberal (by US standards anyway) policies and lightning-fast, fly-catching reflexes? Instead, we have miserable bungling old Gordon as our morose Prime Minister, plodding along in his dour, defeatist way. He's an embarrassment.

Why is my house a mess?

Why are our courgettes thriving, while the runner bean looks more and more poorly?

Why does anyone watch Big Brother? It's just a freak show, and a boring one at that.

Why am I wasting time on the computer when I should be either sleeping or doing something productive?


madre-terra said...

Well, to the first "WHY?"...please remember what we've had to live through to get to the good one.
And for the rest....who knows? My tomatoes are looking pitiful and my basil looks great.
I went to IKEA for the first time last week and thought of you. Why do you get to go whenever you want and I had to wait until we were doing a show in Pittsburgh, PA just so I could get there?
More of life's mysteries...

Maddy said...

LOL I have that same monologue going on all the time. Why oh why!

Anonymous said...

Spam alert. I didn't know they could get onto Blogspot...

love, Fiona

Rummfor5 said...

I'm not a gardener, tho I want to be one.
Why not move back to the states ;)
Just adding one more why.
It's more rhetorical really.