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Friday, June 12, 2009

Time flies

So Emily is all done with her GCSEs. She wrote her last exam yesterday, and now she's on holiday till September, when she'll start at sixth form college. The same one I teach at - though she's not taking either of the subjects I teach, so we won't intersect much. (She's going to be doing Eng Lit, Biology, Chemistry and History. Quite tough courses, but I think she'll do well.) Meanwhile, she has three months of holiday. As will Steve, after he writes his last exam on Thursday. Lucky things. I am hoping that they will put a little of their spare time to good use and turn the house into a gleaming paradise while I am at work. Like 1950s wives. It's not just a pipedream - Ems did in fact do some housework this morning, and Steve baked cupcakes, so there is hope!


madre-terra said...

Oh my...lucky you!!!! There is hope.

Eos said...

Darn...this entry made me feel darn old...happy for the kids and all but good grief...when did they grow up so?LOL!

Rummfor5 said...

you have some great children there, and they're growing up so well!
What is sixth form college?

Annalise said...

Compulsory education ends at 16; thereafter students either go into employment or on to further education. If they want to go university, they need to do a two year course of A-levels. Which is what sixth form colleges offer. Most students take three or four A-levels. They are roughly equivalent to the first year of a US degree. Hth!