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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lady of leisure

Reasons to be happy ...

  1. The sun shone today.

  2. I have got halfway through one of my assignments.

  3. Stephen mowed the lawn so it smells of cut grass.

  4. I had a lovely lunch and catch-up session with a friend today.

  5. The kids and I have been spending lazy afternoons reading together.

  6. The house is clean(ish) because we have the time to make it so.

  7. I have 11 more days of leisure ahead of me.

If only Bobby weren't so incredibly stressed at work, life would be perfect...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"I have got"
You know here we say "I got"
and it doesn't sound as lovely and correct as "I have got"
(Probably because it's not correct or as correct as the way you say it).

Sounds like a wonderful week there.

Except for the stressed husband. So many husbands are *so* stressed at their places of employ right now. It's an epidemic :(