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Monday, March 30, 2009


There's just not enough hours in the day to do even a fraction of the things I need to, let alone the things I want to.

And with Sunday's switch to summer time, I've lost yet another hour! I know I'll love the long summer evenings, but today I just feel tired and even more rushed than usual.

I have, however, completed the couch to 5k program, and am now at the run 5k stage. I plan to carry on running three mornings a week. I'm really happy I've made it this far; hoping I can stick with the running long enough that it becomes an ingrained habit.

Better go. I have a lesson to prepare for tomorrow. I could teach okay with what I've got, but the feeling when you organise a really fabulous lesson is amazing - worth working late for. Yawn....


Eos said...

yay...glad you made it!

Annalise said...

How's it going for you - still running or is it on hold for a bit, what with the new arrivals?

Anonymous said...

I despise losing that hour. It's always a rough adjustment.