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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick update

Good news. Bobby still has his job, for now anyway.

And the doctor was very dismissive about Sophie's faintiness; said it was most likely "just a virus" and to rest up for a day or two. She sort of implied that I was just a neurotic parent, and shouldn't have wasted her time by bringing Soph in. But, I thought (and still do think!) that it was weird... Soph still has a mark on her forehead where she hit the basin on the bathroom when she came over dizzy... Anyhow, hopefully it was just One Of Those Things and she'll be back to normal tomorrow.

So. On we go. I am fervently hoping that Bobby manages to find some way of dealing with his current stress levels; they're really not good for him, or for the rest of us...


Rummfor5 said...

stress is horrid. :( I'd suggest exercise, but he already does that (which I know from reading your blog).

I'm sorry your Dr was condescending.
(how unsual :-/ )
However, you're the mom. It's always better to have things checked out.
I Hope she doesn't hit her head again. We had an incident like that and my girl's forehead now bears a nasty scar :(

Eos said...

I hate when doctors do that...a while back I went in because my back was about to go out (It has happened enough for me to know the signs) and she acted like there was no way for me to know that and like I was wasting her time...sure enough, next day I bent down and there it went.

Fainting is definitely a good reason to go bug them...geesh

Glad to know he still has his job...the uncertainty of all this makes even very easy going people like my husband get stressed and snappish...I'm so ready for all this to get better.

Jo said...

phew, i am so relieved for you.

i know what stressful job + husband is like...not fun.


hopefully Sophie will not have that faintness again, how scary, and how stupid of the DR to dismiss you like that!

chris said...

I truly hope everything in your life becomes less stressful soon!