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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not a happy bunny

I am stressed.

First of all, there's the dreaded job interview. It's on Tuesday, and I'm a nervous wreck. If I don't get it, I am going to be really miserable. Not least because I genuinely think I'd be better in the job than the other candidate.

Secondly, Bobby is finding his new work role highly stressful. He's very anxious and very tense.

Plus, he has a meeting this morning in which he will learn whether or not he's in the 50% of people who are being let go. He thinks he will probably be okay, but there's still an element of doubt. And, he is worried as he suspects that one of our close friends is going to be on the hit-list.

And finally, Sophie's ill. Her teacher noticed her go faint and dizzy in class yesterday, and the same thing happened this morning at home. She was quite unnerved by the experience - she said she couldn't see all of a sudden. And she has a headache and a sore throat. So I'm taking her to the doctor this morning. Which is not as straightforward as it sounds, since we have one car and now that Bobby's taken on this new role he needs it. We could either walk to the doctor's surgery - it's not very far - or, if she's feeling too poorly, we'll have to take a cab. Fortunately, I am not teaching until this afternoon, so at least I don't have to arrange any cover lessons or inconvenience anyone.

Seems like our lifeplan is falling apart a bit. We came here with the idea that Bobby would take a lower-paid job, he'd be home early in the evenings, and he'd be relieved of all the work stress he had in Florida. And our plan worked well. But now, thanks to the economic crisis that I'm so sick of reading about, his job is even more stressful than the one he left in Florida, and he's working late every evening and going in early every day, so we're back at square one, only without the big salary!



Eos said...

That sucks...losing both family time and the bigger income when having the family time would have made up for it...hang in there.

I'm taking a bit of a break from news (a few days) because I was getting very anxious.

Please post after his meeting to make sure you are all ok. Hugs

Hope she feels better soon.

Rummfor5 said...

this post demands some chocolate, nice tea, and a cuddle.

the money wouldn't compensate the increase of hours and stress-- as you well know having already experienced that trade. But it very much stinks that he's got the burden and not the salary to match.

I'm worried about your girl. I hope she doesn't faint any more. was she eating a good breakfast/start to her day? (I'm sure she did. but as a mom I have to ask!).