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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Got it!

I got the job.

I'm so relieved.

And happy.

The interview was quite tough - two sessions, back to back, each with two interviewers who'd been told to ask challenging questions so as to be able to differentiate between the candidates. There was one question that caught me on the back foot but most of them were manageable, and some of them I aced.

Waiting to hear the verdict was horrible. I thought I'd done well, but obviously one never knows for sure. The relief when I finally found out was immense.

We went out to dinner tonight, to celebrate. It was a very nice family evening; the children have become such interesting young people.

I think I will sleep well tonight. These past couple of weeks I've been so tense that I've barely managed 3 or 4 hours a night.

I plan to get up early though, and go for a run. I'm up to 28 minutes now; not bad, considering I started at intervals of 90 seconds!


Eos said...

Yay...congratulations...what a relief...when will you be starting?

Kelly KH said...

Oh good! I'm so relieved; I've been thinking of you and hoping...yay!

Lisa said...

Fantastic! So tell us more about the new job.

(And, yes, I am planning a blog comeback one of these days.)


Jo said...

wow!!!!!! congratulations Annalise! what fabulous news!

Annalise said...

Thanks for the congrats :) The new post starts from Sept; but it's pretty much the same as what I'm doing now, and at the same college. So that's all good :) And Lisa, I'll believe it when I see it! xx

Anonymous said...

THAT is Awesome!
running is also a great feat :)
You're on fire lady.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on the job! Oh, and on the interesting children too. I'm finding that contrary to most predictions (and occasional days) I quite enjoy my teenagers.