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Saturday, February 28, 2009


The other two people scheduled to go to India with Bobby left this morning. I'm can't quite express just how happy I am that he's not on that plane! Waking up with him this morning felt so sweet, knowing that we'd be able to go to sleep tonight together as well.

I got up early this morning and did my final Week Five run in the Couch to 5k program. Today was the two mile/twenty minute run, and I did it! So I'm pretty happy about that. A friend is trying to convince me to run a 5k race with her in a couple of months. I'm a bit daunted, as she is a "real" runner, but I think I might end up going for it! I was back home just after six, and Bobs and I left again at 7.15 for a bike ride. We went just over 25km - longer than I'd really bargained on - but it was fabulous being out and about so early. We went south from our house, towards Gatwick. I love the way that there is so much green space mixed in with densely populated, urban areas.

And the farms are working farms for the most part...

I still tend to think of farms in South African terms, where they are in the middle of nowhere, not 5 minutes from the shops and twenty miles from central London!

You may have noticed that I measured my run in miles and Bobby measured our bike ride in kilometres. This is because Bobby stubbornly refuses to succumb to the imperial system whereas I have given in to it - when in Rome, and all that... They really do have an odd relationship with the metric system here, though. We pay per litre for diesel for our car, for instance, but our fuel consumption is measured in miles per gallon!

I baked scones for breakfast, and after that we cleaned the house as a family. (Oh how the children thanked us for that!. At lunchtime I took Sophie and a friend over to a third friend's house (they're taking the bus to Epsom to see that silly-looking Shopaholic movie), and since then I've been sitting at the kitchen table motoring through a bunch of work stuff that I'd been putting off. I actually think that I may have got through it all by the end of tomorrow! If that happens, it'll be a first... If only my energy levels could always be this good...

A friend's coming to dinner tonight so I have a good excuse to abandon my preparation for now, though! And, Bobby's cooking, so it's all good!


Maddy said...

It is funny that the UK still use miles for some things. My Dad, born in Yorkshire, will often say "it only cost a few pennys". It's lovely though.

Eos said...

I'm so proud of you and be proud of the fact that I was motivated enough to download those podcasts and just finished the 1st thanks...I think...if I'm as sore come next week I might not be saying "thanks"LOL!

That was so nice that he could an unexpected gift to be able to have such a lovely day when otherwise you'd be saying good-bye.

Lisa said...

Gosh, 2 miles. Being out sounds lovely, but I'm still going to take it at a stroll. I'm impressed.

Rummfor5 said...

You're very awesome, with all you're doing. I'm inspired and motivated.
I also appreciate the relationship you and your husband have, and how much you enjoy each other. It's so pleasant to read about :)
Glad he'll be home with you.

Carol said...

Canada has a strange relationship to the metric system as well. We measure our gas in litres, drive in km, but talk about miles per gallon. I don't know anyone who measures their weight in kg, or their height in cm or metres, but we measure other things using the metric system. I often think that I should start measuring my weight in kg, as I have no idea how it converts, so I will feel lighter. ;)