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Friday, November 02, 2007

I need a cook. And a cleaner. And a gardener. And a builder. And a personal masseur.

And in the short-term, I need a cup of coffee.

I'm managing to keep my head above water at work, but just barely. I'm loving the actual teaching, but it's a lot of work. As is all the administrative stuff that goes along with it. And the new departmental dynamics. Add mothering, cooking, cleaning and a couple of houseguests into the mix, and I am just a few breaths away from desperate flailing as opposed to controlled swimming.

Still, it's Friday today, I've (almost!) made it through the week, and we're going to be celebrating Bonfire Night tomorrow night. I'm definitely in the mood for flaming torches, fireworks, and mulled wine.


Anonymous said...

Best UU regards from Croatia!

Maddy said...

After reading your first line I was going to say "how about a coffee" but you beat me to it.

Have a wonderful evening enjoying the fireworks and that mulled wine.