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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My dreaded monday night course, the one that runs from 6pm till 9pm every week in the aptly named Crawley, plumbed new depths last night when I had to listen to one of my staggeringly stupid class-mates musing about how unfair it is that airlines can't stop all Muslim men from becoming pilots. This in a class about safeguarding equal opportunities and diversity. Can only feel sorry for the guy's prospective students. Still, I suppose there's a good chance he'll fail the course.

On a more pleasant note, we went for a walk in Ashdown Forest on Sunday - the place which inspired A.A. Milne when writing the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. It was lovely. And there's a picture of the pooh-sticks bridge at Bobby's blog.


madre-terra said...

It seems that morons are everywhere. I hope that he does fail the class and he'll walk around for weeks thinking about "How the fuck did that happen?".
Loved the picture over on Bobby's blog.

MF said...

Thought of you today:

Annalise said...

The moomins! Very cool, now I want some!

Maddy said...

My ten and twelve year old children had this same idea untill I explained to them what discrimination was ... they got it first go! I'm with medre-terra, their everywhere.