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Monday, September 17, 2007

The weekend was quietly pleasant but unexciting.

I much prefer exciting to quietly pleasant.

However, at least I got a reasonable amount done. As usual, I dealt with all the laundry and chores done on Saturday, which is always quite satisfying. (Ah, clean sheets! And I do like seeing all my clothes neatly ironed and hung up in my cupboard waiting to start the week.) Sunday is the day we usually do something fun; but this week, while Bobs went to a model aircraft show (definitely not my idea of fun) I worked on the week's lessons. (Also not really my idea of fun).

I did drag Bobby out for a good walk yesterday evening; tried to persuade the children to come too but they preferred to cluster round the computer in an argumentative sort of way.

Oh, one other nice thing from the weekend - I signed us up for at Wildsquare, for what seems like a really cool activity. You choose a 1km square near your house (I chose the big wooded park near us) and the RSPB sends you an activity pack so you can fill out surveys about the plants, birds and animals there throughout the course of the next year. Seems like a nice way for us to learn more about the English countryside.

And now - on to the day. I'm going to be home horribly late tonight as my course starts for real today. Six till nine, in Crawley. And Crawley is about as nice as its name implies.

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