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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The first contact session of my teaching course was rather dire. 6pm till 9pm, and all we did was a really lame ice-breaker, an almost equally lame goal setting exercise, and an introduction to course procedures. We could have read the course guidelines for ourselves on our own sofas, and the other stuff could have been wrapped up in half an hour. So I'm not impressed. Hopefully it'll get heavier on content as time progresses, otherwise it'll be two years of extremely frustrating Monday nights for me.

Aside from that annoyance, life seems (touch wood!) to be good for all of us right now. The kids are, all three, happy. Bobby is enjoying his newest obsession (building and flying model planes, something for which I myself simply cannot muster up any enthusiasm, but it makes him happy so I approve even if I don't understand) and I, although rushed off my feet, am very happy too. Long may it last!

I'm going to yoga tonight; went last week and loved it. It was a tranquil interlude in my otherwise rather frenetic existence. I need some calming influences in my life right now, I think...

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