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Sunday, August 19, 2007

We just got back from the World Press Photo exhibition at the South Bank Centre.

There were some pretty impressive pictures there. I had wondered whether to take the girls, since I knew that some of the pictures would be disturbing, but I'm glad we did. I think they both learned a bit today.

I wish Stephen had come too, but, after a couple of months of complete rest and relaxation, he has finally got himself a new weekend job. Which is good, because his tastes run to more expensive goods than I'm prepared to buy.

This is the river bank below the South Bank centre; we went for a walk along there after we'd looked at the photos.

It was a very grey day; the skateboarders and their graffiti provided a bit of colour...

... and so did the flags at the Capital Age Festival.

Oh, and an aside - it was cool being at Waterloo Station so soon after last night's viewing of the Bourne Ultimatum! The movie is worth definitely worth seeing, by the way. I thought maybe the Guardian just gave it a good review because one of the characters in the film is a journalist for their paper, but it actually is a really good thriller. Except for Matt Damon's non-love love interest, Julia Stiles, who I thought was completely wooden. When I said that to Bobby, though, he looked stricken and said 'Actually, I thought she was phenomenal.' Hmmm...

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