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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The great family cook-off starts this evening.

Five nights, five meals (each planned and cooked by a single family member in turn); voting for Best Meal takes place at the end. The rules are - you can use anything that's already in the cupboard, you get £10 for other ingredients (and you will need this, since, as it turns out, there's actually almost nothing in the cupboard), it has to be a proper meal (eg you can't just buy a frozen pizza), and you can't vote for your own meal.

Today I am also having an echocardiogram (or graph?) Who knows. When I was having all those tests done one of the doctors thought she heard a heart murmur, though the other (more senior) doctor disagreed. So this is just in case. I have a feeling that the scan will prove fine, and that I'll be dizzy and off-balance for no apparent reason forever more. So, back to the hospital for the third time in one week. At least all I will have to pay is the annoying £2 parking fee.

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