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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Lake District is extremely beautiful.

It rains a lot there, though.

So we just had our wettest ever camping trip.

But, it was cool seeing the real life setting for the Swallows and Amazons books. We liked the sheep, who seemed to watch our every move. And our day climbing was so wet and so muddy that it moved from "a bit grim" into "hilariously funny". Coming back down the mountain we were all so sodden and so coated in mud (think boots that slosh each time you take a step, for instance, and slippery rocks which mean that everyone falls every few minutes) that even the kids were punch drunk and giggly rather than whingy.

The rest of the Lake District pictures are here...

Note that, despite going on long (wet) walks and long (wet) isolated climbs, we all survived intact.

Yesterday, however, while helping to clean out the car in our driveway, Emily caught her thigh on a bit of metal trim on the car door.

Extremely scary looking gaping wound, lots of blood.

Seven stitches.

The nurse at the hospital was great. And we were in and out within twenty minutes.

We are certainly way too familiar with our local hospital these days.


Kelly said...

beautiful! So sorry about the stitches though :(

anna v said...

you are crazy people.

it's so green! i forget how green it can be living in the land of scary drought.

hope em is OK

chris said...

OUCH!!! poor thing.

The photos are amazing. So lush and green.

Mama Bear said...

Little and Trout would like to go "HIIIIII-KIN!!!" with your girls. :) What brand of tents do you have? We need to purchase another one now that we are six.

Trout keeps asking me to see the pictures of Sophie again.

Annalise said...

The tents are North Face; one's a two person and one's a three person. Bobby got them on eBay for a lot less than they retail for. They are really nice in that they take literally five minutes to put up and take down...

Anonymous said...

Poor baby...isn't it amazing though how stuff like that happens in the most ordinary of circumstances..ugh. Hope she is not in too much pain.

Angela C.

emily said...

Ow! I'm sorry Emily got hurt.

Gorgeous pictures, though; our camping trip won't be nearly so picturesque, I don't think, although it will be nice to be around actual trees, as opposed to the landscaping that passes for greenery in town.

hannah said...

ooh, a tumble on that mountain side and what a fall one could take.

the photos are gorgeous. I'm just in awe of England's beauty.

hope the arm healed up well. sounds terrible. :(