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Monday, June 25, 2007

I plumbed new depths today when I actually managed to fall asleep on the sofa before dinner. Not just fall asleep, but pass out so soundly that when I woke up I thought it was 6.15 in the morning rather than 6.15 in the evening.

I did feel quite good when I woke up though; quite unlike my usual groggy walking-into-walls post-nap state. I am thinking that I may have finally achieved an actual power nap.

The picture above is from a post-dinner walk that Bobby and I went on. We thought we should get out since the rain actually stopped for a while. (We realised how well Sophie is acculturating when we heard her describe the pouring rain this morning as "chucking it down" - very British, very descriptive, and more polite than the alternative "pissing it down".) The walk didn't feel terribly summery, but the birds were singing and the sun was sort-of shining (albeit in a rather weak and watery kind of way)so it was pretty.... I do like where we live.


Peter said...

Really nice that you can take walks like that.

We are suffering through winter as usual. Kids find it particularly difficult getting out of the bath. They don't seem to get the idea of closing the windows before having a bath or drying your self fast.

Jo said...

such a beautiful pix. i don't get it though, it seems so urban where you live, lots of shops etc, but you have such open green spaces so close?

Annalise said...

Peter, guess the kids will have some acclimatising to do if you ever spend time over here - your winters are better than our summers :-)

And Jo, yes, that is the nice thing about where we live, it's a 15 minute stroll into town where there are lots of restaurants, shops etc, but there is also masses of green space around us. And it's only about 40 mins into london by train.