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Sunday, June 24, 2007

No climbing for us today (we'd planned to go down to Portland) since it's been raining all day long. I can hear the rain beating on the roof above me right now, and the washing which we optimistically hung out on Saturday is still on the line, totally sodden and bedraggled looking.

And apparently it's going to rain all day tomorrow too. I suppose I should be grateful that at least we'll be spared the cruelty of a gloriously sunny work-day Monday following a dismal weekend.

This time last year the weather was beautifully hot and sunny, and had been so for three weeks. People kept telling us that it wasn't typical, and now, alas, we realise they were telling the truth. So as of next weekend, we have decided that (a) we will be more intrepid about doing things in bad weather and (b) we will have a back-up plan for when the weather really is too vile to do whatever we'd planned.

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