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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm sick.

I felt really grim at work yesterday, so I phoned the doctors' rooms and they found an appointment for me. (It is quite handy that the surgery is just round the corner from where I work.)

I think they must be giving doctors new guidelines for interaction with patients these days, and I don't think I care for the new style. Both at this visit and at the last one, (and I saw a different doctor each time) the doctor's first move has been to ask what my symptoms are, nod, and then ask me what I think is wrong, and what treatment I'd like. Well hello, I don't know! I don't have a fucking medical degree, you do, and I came here so you could tell me what's wrong, not vice versa. Bobby says that when he went to the doctor about his sore arm, she did the same thing to him. I suspect that the aim is supposed to be to empower the patient. But I just feel pissed off and patronised.

Anyhow. I said I didn't know what was wrong with me (symptoms are headache and dizziness), and that I supposed it might be a virus, and she looked in my ears (fine) took my temperature (normal) and said, yes, that's probably what it is, go home and rest, and come back if I'm not better by next week. So I am. Can't help but feel that if I'd said I thought I might have measles she might still have agreed with me.


Jo said...

hope you're feeling better soon! (((hugs))

Peter said...

Look after yourself.

Adria said...

That's crazy. I would feel I hadn't got my money's worth.