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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Despite the above picture, it is raining right now, in a steady, grey, dreary sort of way. The weather forecast says it's going to rain all day today, and rain even harder all day tomorrow.

This puts paid to our weekend plans. We'd been going to work hard on various house and garden chores today, and reward ourselves by spending the whole of tomorrow climbing on the sea cliffs at Swanage.


Not sure what to do to save the weekend. DVDs, popcorn, and a game or two of Risk, maybe?

Weekend plans aside, I am still considering ways to get more out of my evenings. I looked up the local photography club, but they only meet September through May, so they're winding up for the summer at the moment. Worth looking into after the summer, though I'll be busier then anyway, as I'll be studying part-time (work is paying for me to get a UK teaching qualification.)

One thing I think we are finally going to do is get our act together and start a reading/writing group. Several people at my work are keen, so I think we can make it happen.

And I'll have a look in the library this afternoon and see if they have any flyers about other local activities.

I have a good feeling about life at the moment; as though there are all kinds of new possibilities and opportunities on the horizon.


Maddy said...

That sounds very interesting to get together with other writers a hear their written pieces, will you critic or just listen?

Have a lovely weekend whatever you decide to do.

Amy M said...

As for evenings- I joined our community band, and have treasured that special time. It's a little geeky, and there are lots of hot, buggy concerts, but it's been good clean fun : )

hannah said...

I always intend to start a writing group, or a reading/book group.
Or join one.
I never get around to those plans however.
I'll be interested in hearing about your involvement as it transpires.
Might motivate me anew :)
sometimes the wet weather is a nice excuse to cozy up with the family and lay low-- but sometimes it is frustrating to not be able to get out and enjoy nature. ergh.