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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

We saw the new Pride and Prejudice this evening, and were very impressed. Much less picture-booky than the other versions - more dirt, more noise, more dishevelment (although everyone's complexions were still airbrushed into perfection). Mr Darcy was perfect - I actually preferred Matthew Macfadyen in the role to Colin Firth's version - and my only complaint about Keira Knightley's Lizzie was that she smiled too much. Wasn't that supposed to be Mr Darcy's criticism of Jane?

While in the theatre, we were given a promotional flyer - one can book short breaks in "Pride and Prejudice Country". Can't afford it right now but I'd love to do this weekend sometime.

This was the first time that we'd visited Reigate's cinema, and we liked it very much. It is a little movie theatre, just round the corner from us, and has a nice quirky un-chain-like feel to it. The manager was very friendly - gave the girls free sodas, in fact, after a long conversation where he tried to identify their accents (guess it is pretty hard, South African overlaid with American) - and told us about their forth-coming foreign film festival. We're looking forward to it.

We were intrigued when, after the adverts, the lights went up and the usher reappeared with a tray of ice-creams slung round his neck. Just like John Cleese and the albatross.

I am happy right now : combination of lots of exercise today, the movie this evening, and Green & Black's delicious spicy orange dark chocolate with coffee after dinner. (Totally guilt-free chocolate, that - not only is it filled with anti-oxidants, but it's also organic and fair-trade). I have a feeling that life here is going to suit us.

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