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Monday, September 19, 2005

Well, it's official : Stephen has more disposable income than any of the rest of us.

He applied for a Saturday job at the posh butcher's in front of us, got it, and started the day before yesterday. It seems to be fairly distasteful work (think pools of blood) and he says no-one should ever eat mince, under any circumstances. But he doesn't care about the ick factor, the lure of cold cash far outweighs any squeamishness he feels.

The downside to Steve having this job is that it knocks Saturday entirely out of the running for family activities. So if the kids want to start climbing seriously again (and they say they do), and if we want to go to church (and I think I do, not sure about the others), I'm not sure when we'll do all the other cool stuff that we want to. For instance, Soph and Em are both studying the Tudors in history at school, so another visit to Hampton Court Palace seems called for - but when?

Speaking of jobs, I saw a job advertised that seemed like it might be really fun for me - library assistant, doing the storytimes at the local branch. But, it's only six or so hours a week, and, after tax, pays even less than Steve gets, so I suppose I should rather look for something that would actually help our finances. Unless I could find three or four fun-but-pay-peanuts jobs ...

Going to bath. I'm horribly stiff after a pathetically tiny amount of climbing at the cool London gym yesterday.

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