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Monday, March 21, 2005

Some pictures from our weekend.

This first picture was a magical spot near our campsite. It reminded me of the Wood between the Worlds in the Narnia books.

Early morning light shining through the trees at our campsite
Bobby at the campsite.
Eerie steam on the water. The water in the spring stays a constant 72 degrees, so when the air is cold, steam forms above the water.
Both girls on the wall at the competition
Stephen looking strong

The competition was fun for the kids. Emily came in first again; Sophie came in third - she and the 2nd place winner were half a point apart, but someone new beat them both this time - and Steve came in fifth. All of them were happy with their placings.

Competing aside, they had a good time hanging out with the other kids; it is very cool that they've become friends with kids from all over the state.

The weekend was filled with good stuff : the competition, sitting round the campfire on Saturday night, canoeing in the river on Sunday morning, more climbing for the kids on Sunday afternoon, and a pleasant meal at an Indian restaurant on the way home on Sunday evening.

But I really didn't enjoy any of it very much. I am just not happy right now. I am stressed about this whole moving thing, and it is making me miserable and hard to live with. And I keep getting vicious tension headaches. It is so stupid and wasteful; letting anxiety ruin perfectly good experiences.

My folks called this morning; I think they are worried that we wouldn't be happy in the UK; well, we are worried too. They suggested we speak to an immigration lawyer and see whether it is possible to switch Bobby's visa to another firm here. From all I've heard, this isn't really an option; however, I will mention their idea to Bobby tonight.

Too many options. I wish we felt strongly drawn to one of them; as it is, all our potential courses of action seem to have equally huge pluses and minuses.

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