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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In no particular order.

Walking into the library today, and catching sight of my reflection in the glass doors, I discovered today that my current favourite skirt is totally see through when I stand against the light. It was Princess Di at the nursery school all over again, only without the winsome sweetness and innocence.

My computer is ill; it awaits a new battery and a new power supply. Till they arrive, I'm using the kids' computer. And I can't read email.

Funnily enough, this isn't leaving me with hours of extra time.

I am not sure why not.

The weather is warm enough for Sophie to swim (she's more intrepid than the rest of us) but not so warm that I need to put the air-conditioning on. It's lovely.

Everything is in bloom. The weeds in our front lawn are particularly pretty : yellow and lilac and blue flowers everywhere.

Since most potential house buyers probably won't find them as appealing as I do, the Trugreen man is coming to kill them all later this week.

I am loving homeschooling. It seems all the sweeter because I will probably need to work outside the home again when we move.

I can't think of any coherent way to link these thoughts so I shall just stop writing.

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