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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I was home later than usual this evening, because I spent a couple of hours after work helping a friend move into her new flat. Walking home afterwards was lovely. The light had that rich yellow and green quality, and, although it was warm, the air had a faint feel of autumn about it.

I need to make sure that I get plenty of endorphin-releasing exercise in the weeks ahead, because work's going to be even more work than I'd thought. The powers that be have reorganised the timetable such that I'll be teaching a whole lot of stuff which I hadn't planned on. It's stuff I know - but still. Eeek. Lots of late nights in my future...

On the plus side, yoga starts again tomorrow. Hopefully it'll help keep me sane this year.

But back to the the minus side, I've lost my phone. I do this on a fairly regular basis, but I usually find it within 24 hours or so. This time, it's been gone for a week. I am sure it's somewhere in our house - but where? I have searched the scary coat-and-shoe cupboard, which is normally where lost things lurk, but no joy... And it's not in any of my bags, or in the car, or under the bed... I hope I won't have to end up buying a new one...

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