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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 1 of 48

Reasons why today was a good day:
  1. It's the first of my 48 days of summer holiday.

  2. Bobby took a day's leave too, so we had the whole day together.

  3. We went to Ikea in the morning(kitchen shelves).

  4. And we had scones and cream at the seaside in the afternoon.

  5. Bobby bought himself a new model plane. Not that I like model planes; I don't. But I like the fact that it gave him pleasure.

  6. And I went for a really nice 5 mile run this evening. (I have come up with a route that seems to be far more downhill than uphill; it's fabulous.)

The only downside:

The girls are both away till Friday. It's the end-of-term Year 7 camp, and some of the Year 11 prefects have gone too, to help out. I'm sure they're having a wonderful time, but I am missing them. And also I am having to curb my neuroticism; they aren't allowed to bring phones with them, so I haven't heard from them, and have to keep quelling ridiculous nightmare scenarios which I know are completely improbable but which, at some level, worry me anyway. I comfort myself with the fact that at least my craziness is low-level; I don't let it interfere with any of our lives...


Maddy said...

Your day sounds great and I agree with you; if hubby's happy so are we. I do know how you feel about the girls being away, Nick was on camp last week and I had a case of the "what if's".

Rummfor5 said...

My daughter went on her first away camping trip this summer, too.
It was strange. She came back whole, happy and bubbling with stories :)