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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Killing time

I have half-an-hour or so before I need to pick my folks up from the airport. They've been in Portugal for the last couple of weeks. It'll be back to reality with a vengeance for them once their plane lands in Gatwick; it's grey and rainy and cold today. Though to be fair the weekend was gorgeous here ... We didn't make much of the weekend, though, as Bobby was working. The implementation he was dealing with has finally happened and it went well. He's very relieved, and basking in the well-deserved glory.

I went for a run this morning and enjoyed it. This came as a surprise, as every run I've been on for the last couple of weeks has been dreary and tiring, to the point where I had almost decided to find some other way to get my exercise in. I particularly enjoyed running through the graveyard today(I'd insert some pun about the quick and the dead at this stage but I can't quite figure one out.) It was beautiful, all mist and long grass and fallen grave stones. Maybe tomorrow I'll take Bobby's phone with me and take a couple of pictures. (Mine has a crappy camera to go along with the rest of its inadequate features).

Tomorrow I intend to put the finishing touches to all my assignments, and then I'll be done, done, done! Two years of hard work...seems hard to believe I'm actually almost finished... And, nice surprise, there was a letter in my pigeonhole at work on Friday; they're bumping me up another notch on the salary scale! So my salary as of September will actually be quite reasonable.

It has been lovely hanging out at home these past few days. (We're half-way into the half-term break). Is this a sign of old age, that pottering around the garden in the sun and drinking tea with the kids seems positively delightful? Used to be my idea of utter boredom...

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Rummfor5 said...

what wonderful things! Congratulations on the pay raise!
And, everything else. The run that was enjoyed. That's a feat too.