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Thursday, May 28, 2009


All three of those hideous, hideous assignments are done! Each giant wodge of paper is neatly filed (oh how I love those pretty cardboard section dividers) and ready to be handed in on Monday. I hope they're all okay; I need to force myself not to re-read them or I'll start to doubt myself and re-edit them.

What will I do with all the free time that I'll have now that this work is out of the way?

I shall start off by going downstairs and tidying up a bit - we have a friend coming over for dinner tonight -



Jo said...

congrats! i can't believe you are at the end of it now, it seems like just yesterday you started your coursework~


enjoy your dinner!

madre-terra said...

Have fun with your dinner company. Lord knows you deserve it. And don't let those itchy fingers near those files.....

Maddy said...

Congratulations that must feel fantastic to finish and still have some weekend left.