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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I forgot how much I like roller coasters!

Thorpe Park was a lot of fun; I didn't have terribly high expectations so I was pleasantly surprised. It is so cool to have all three kids able to ride the scary coasters - this is the first year Sophie's been tall enough to ride anything she wants. I'm glad none of them are the sort of wimps I was as a child!

So Saturday was a really great family day out. We were all happy - and the sun even shone! (Though it was cold; there was ice on all the lakes around Thorpe Park).

Sunday - not so much. I was in a temper for most of the day because Bobby went flying ("but Ann, it's my last proper weekend before I go to India! I won't be able to fly for two months!") while I and my sullen conscript army of helpers cleaned. I like the end result - beautiful clean kitchen cupboards, scrubbed floor, sparkly fridge - though I chose - and am still choosing - to ignore the oven. Too scary. Even as I write, it is exerting a brooding presence over the rest of my clean kitchen. I do not plan to open it any time soon. Sort of like Dirk Gently's fridge.

I got over my rage eventually - Bobby grovelled, and I tired of sulking and slamming stuff around - and we had a nice evening.

And yesterday was the first day of half-term. Whooo! I got one chore done - picked up my last year's PGCE folder from horrible Crawley - which slotted in quite nicely, as I was taking Sophie and some friends to see a movie in creepy-Crawley anyway. While they were watching, Ems and I went shopping, and she chose a prom dress. She is so lucky, whatever she tries on looks fabulous on her. She went for a long dress; it makes her look very adult. My baby! The shopping was fun; we found tons of inexpensive goodies.

Poor Steve, though, was wrestling with an essay when we got home, and was consequently in the sort of mood I was in on Sunday. Not long now before he's done with exams, thank goodness...

Today I am going to do some marking, then go to the doctor's for my travel vaccinations (in case I get to go to India for a while too), and then in the evening Bobs and I are going out for a not-Valentines-day dinner and movie. We're seeing Summer Hours... hope it's good! While we're out Emily will be at a concert in Camden; we have to pick her up "at twelve. Or one ... I'm not sure when it will finish ..." Good thing we love her.


Anonymous said...

"I got over my rage eventually - Bobby grovelled, and I tired of sulking and slamming stuff around - and we had a nice evening."
very funny :D
sounds like a good weekend. Anger does tend to bring about a very clean environment for many a mom. :)

Maddy said...

Mmmm yes I know that mood, it's good for getting jobs done but not good for husbands. Hope the movie was good.