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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quick update before I go make breakfast -

  1. The teaching went well. Despite all the anxiety dreams I'd had the night before. Big weight off my mind; now I know I can do this.
  2. Emily seems to be becoming resigned to not going to the Reading festival. This is possibly partly due to the fact that one of the other mums is also not keen on her daughter being there for three days and nights if there're no adults going along.
  3. We bought tiles for the new bathroom (the one in the loft)last night. Carrying them up all those stairs was pure torture. And I should think the actual tiling process will be even more torturous. Bobby started painting, and came down saying that if we match his current speed it'll take us approximately 20 years to finish the loft. (We need to tile the bathroom, paint the room, landing and stairwell, and put floorboards in the bedroom). I think 20 years may actually be a slightly optimistic estimate.


Jo said...

yay! i KNEW the teaching would go fine!

egads, are there other parents allowing their teengage girls to go alone to a festival for 3 days???

are you doing all the finishing yourselves on the loft? what will be up with, other than a bathroom? pictures please!

Annalise said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence re the teaching. :-)

The festival - apparently yes! I can't believe it myself; fortunately E's best friend is also not allowed to go, but even so, OMG, the drama we've had here!

And the loft - yes, we are doing it all ourselves, ugh. Tiling the bathroom, putting laminate floors in the bedroom and study area, and painting the whole thing. Not going to be much fun, since I am always completely exhausted by the evening.

chris said...

It is always shocking what some parents will let their children do. A three day festival with no grown-ups, ack!

20 years isn't that long ;-)