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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gorgeous day in the sun yesterday; we drove down to Beachy Head, picnicked on the cliff tops, and then boulder hopped along the beach. It was lovely. This is the view below our picnic spot...

and this is what it looks like below the cliffs.

The rest of the pictures are here.

And Stephen cooked dinner for us when we got home. Burgers, kebabs, salad and cake. Yummy; definitely a contender in the competition. He hadn't wanted to go to Beachy Head so he stayed here, but he underestimated the effects of the sun and got burned enough to feel quite ill... Poor kid, I felt terrible for him yesterday evening.

Beachy Head itself, though incredibly beautiful, is also a slightly disturbing place, as many people go there to commit suicide. I guess because it's so easy - it's just a minute's walk to the cliff... There are several places where there are crosses and flowers at the cliff edge, and the Samaritans (people who provide counselling) patrol there, hoping to dissuade potential jumpers. Nobody there yesterday looked at all distressed though, I'm glad to say.


madre-terra said...

The sky and the sea are so blue in these pictures it's like you are in the Bahamas.
How wonderful.
A bit creepy about all the suicides there...very sad.
All your life sounds fun and glorious at the moment. Have a happy rest of your vacation and don't let the puritan take over too much.

Lisa said...

Beautiful day. Sorry to hear about Stephen's sunburn. Sounds like a very English thing to do, underestimating the effects of the sun...

Which made me wonder, on a related note, do you and Bobby still feel South African? Do the kids feel like any particular nationality is more 'them' than any other?

hannah said...

those photos are amazing.
what a day!!
I adore the lighthouse shot as I am keen on lighthouses.
Your son made you dinner? Yahoo. What a treat.
Sorry about his burn. It has been a long time since I was badly burned, but it is miserable.

very haunting about the suicides.