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Monday, July 02, 2007

The scaffolding went up today, and our loft conversion starts tomorrow.

One side effect of this is that there'll be no TV watched here till the loft is done (in 6 to 8 weeks time), as the scaffolding has buggered up the TV reception. I don't care, since the last episode of this series Doctor Who aired last week, but the kids are annoyed.

The scaffolding itself is really cool; we are considering asking them to just leave it up when they go. It'd be like having a three-story jungle gym at the back of our house.

Less cool is the fact that I am still ill (though I went back to work today anyway). I have made a doctor's appointment for Wednesday with our real doctor instead of the learner doctor I saw last time; will cancel in the event that I feel better before then. Also uncool is this unending rain. The washing we hung out the Saturday before last is still dripping weakly on the line. I would have hung it more symmetrically if I'd known I was going to be looking at it hanging there for weeks on end. Am starting to feel that we should be building an ark rather than a loft.


Maddy said...

LOL we have had a fair bit of rain too, must be the in thing.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Lisa said...

Oh, a loft seems almost as practical to me as an ark. As the waters rise, you can just move upstairs.