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Sunday, June 10, 2007

It is our eighteeth wedding anniversary today.

We're not doing anything special though, because we celebrated it last Sunday, with a picnic at Fontainebleau, outside Paris.

The Paris trip was wonderful. A whole week together, in Paris, in the spring ... it was very honeymoonish. With the added benefit of having good friends there for conversation and company.

We'll go back with the children, though. We kept seeing things we knew they'd enjoy, and feeling sad and frustrated that they couldn't be with us.

The apartment where we stayed was stunning. It is quite something to be able to look at the Eiffel tower as you wash the breakfast dishes.

And Paris itself is such a staggeringly beautiful city. The river, the bridges... This was a view from the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A fourteenth century Madonna at the Louvre...

Monet's house, at Giverny...

...and the poppy fields there...

Lights on the Seine, taken from a boat...

... and a last view of the Eiffel tower, taken on an early-morning walk on our final day in Paris.

The rest of the pictures are here.

It is going to be odd getting back to normal life. We've had friends staying with us here in England this past week, which made us feel as though we were still on holiday, but as of tomorrow, sadly, it'll be back to our day-to-day ordinariness.


Anonymous said...

A., your photos are magnifique!
Every one! The pics of B. and you are fantastic, so lovely and handsome ;-) I love your hairstyles, and your shoes - love them! I love the picnic in the tall grasses, brings back lots of memories of our honeymoon #1.

Sorry the kids weren't able to go but glad you had a wonderful time!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, could I have said *love* a few more times? ;P


hannah said...

Oh those photos made me cry (ok. it *could* be because I'm pregnant and my hormones are wonky ;)
Happy Anniversary!!
I think it is so incredibly lovely that you went to Paris.
I can't wait to fulfill my life-long dream of visiting Europe.
The photography? Just spectacular.
You look so youthful and beautiful (the b&w skirt and those shoes! Love those shoes!)
What a fun trip. The gardens made my heart ache. How very lovely.

Jane_hates_Dick said...

Oh, I have to agree with the other comments; those pictures are gorgeous.

Happy anniversary.

Adria said...

Incredible. Happy Anniversary.

madre-terra said...

What lovely photos. I, too, just loved them.
Happy Anniversary! and to many more....

Chris said...

Happy Anniversary.

The photos are gorgeous.

Kelly said...

Annalise -

soren and I SO enjoyed your photos. We are very inspired to go to Paris! Soren is quite the artist and loved all the artwork. We had a lot of fun googling things we didn't know about and learned a lot! I think we may have to do a study of France this summer!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...beautiful pictures although I did have to go back and look for the "shoes" - they are cute!LOL

Angela C.

Maddy said...

We also celebrated eighteen this year, but went to Fontainebleau for my honeymoon, wish it had been my anniversary.

Congratulations and here is to eighteen moore ... Cheers.