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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sophie had yet another birthday party this evening. A karoake one, this time, with a marquee in the backyard and flashy lights and a bubble machine and a DJ.

I was struck by how far we have come (and not in a good way) from the days of our Waldorf-inspired homeschooling co-op when, as we approached the house, we were greeted by the strains of a song whose lyrics go "Macdonalds, Macdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut". Apparently it's a campfire song. Seems most un-camp-firey to me, I must say.

But, Sophs had a good time, and so did her friends, so I suppose I can live with the offputting fast-food song lyrics.

We need to go and pick Emily up in an hour or so; she's watching Pirates of the Caribbean with her friends. Hope she enjoys it; she deserves to. She's really proud of the fact that she pays for all her own entertainment these days - she earned the money for this movie, and for the dinner that she ate beforehand at Pizza Express.

Since the girls were out for most of the day (Sophie was at a friend's house this morning, came home and fell asleep and then went out again to her party, and Ems was hanging out at the park with her friends this morning), Stephen has been pretty much an only child today. It was nice to have him on his own; the girls talk so much that when they're around he hardly gets a word in edgeways.

I'm tired... Bobby and I cleaned and weeded and washed and ironed like crazy today, getting the house and garden ready for my folks; tomorrow we take the Eurostar to Paris. Can't say we feel very feel good about it... I am hoping that once we actually embark on the trip, our feelings of guilt and sadness will recede and we'll be able to enjoy the trip.

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hannah said...

ooh. it is a disappointment how things turned out for the Paris trip. However, it's lovely for the two of you if you can look at it like a couple's trip. Have lots of terrific couple time alone in France. *Swoony*
Spending time with grandparents is a pleasant way for most children to enjoy time away from parents, too, imo. I think it sounds like a nice solution all around.