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Thursday, January 12, 2006

I discovered one of the perks of my new job today - if I eat lunch in the canteen, the meal is free for me. And the food there is amazing! Seems that there are always three main meal choices, of which one is vegetarian, plus a huge fresh salad bar (really nice salads, not the wilted sad overly-mayonnaisey type that one often sees), plus things like jacket potatoes and yoghurt and cheeses and cold meats. And pudding. I stuck to the salad bar today (still very close to new year so all the resolutions are still in force) and my meal was totally delicious and totally healthy. And totally free.

Something else that I discovered was that if I scrape the ice off the car bare-handed, because I can't be bothered to run inside and find my gloves, the time it takes for my hands to un-numb is almost the same as the time it takes to drive to school.

And something else I learned today is that I should have some kind of contingency plan for if the teacher is late: I was trapped in a corridor outside a locked classroom door for ten minutes this morning while I waited for the teacher to arrive (he was busy helping older kids start an exam, apparently) and being stuck there with 14 noisy little boys was rather grim. I'm thinking it might have helped if I'd had some kind of game with me. Or something to bribe them with. Or, maybe, a taser.

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