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Monday, November 21, 2005

Pretty sunset, huh? Taken from our garden. At just after 4pm this afternoon!

These early nights are ridiculous; it's 8.30 now and it's been dark for so long that it feels like midnight!

Tomorrow is going to be busy; I have to drive to Woking (I have no idea how that is pronounced) to have my interview to get a National Insurance number. (Kind of like a social security number, I think; I need one for when I finally find a job). It's going to be a bit awkward; the time-slot I was assigned is at 9.15; the earliest Sophie can be dropped at school is 8.30; and google maps says it'll take me 50 minutes to get there. And that's without factoring in rush-hour traffic and finding parking. Oh well. There's nothing I can do about it. I'm going to be annoyed if I get there late enough that they've bumped my appointment, though.

I need to get the house in order before I go to bed as my parents will most likely be here when I get home. They'll be spending tomorrow night and the next night with us; I'm looking forward to it. My mom and I plan to go into London day after tomorrow and do girly things; should be fun being just the two of us.

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