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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Note to self :

When you've just filled in a job application form in which you've claimed to have wonderful organisation skills and amazing administrative prowess, the truth may be revealed, if, next to your signature, you fill in the date box "16 October 2004".

You will then have to go through a torturous process involving a long and desperate search for white-out, failure to find white-out even though you know you bought some a while ago (ah, those organisational skills!), removal of staple so that offending signature-and-date page can be isolated from the rest of the form, fiddly placement of blank piece of paper on top of wrong date and re-photostating the whole sheet, (twice, the second time on a lighter setting so that there's no trace of the cover-up paper), and, finally, realisation that you have no staples (god, who wouldn't hire me for an admin job?) so that you have to resort to a paperclip to attach the new, slightly-different-quality but now-correctly-dated sheet of paper to the rest of the form.

I think I need a drink. This job-hunting thing is gruelling.

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