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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Jobs that Bobby has, in all seriousness, suggested that I apply for :

  • Bus Driver. He keeps bringing this one up, I think because he sees the "Bus Driver Wanted" signs plastered all over the bus every time he rides it to work. I have enough difficulty navigating a regular-sized car along these little roads, I don't think I'd like to try to manage a bus. Bobby says that's not an issue in a bus, because you can just drive over anything in your way. But I think that's probably actually frowned upon in bus-driving circles.

  • Lap dancer. Quite touching, really, that he thinks that that's a career option for me.

  • Barmaid. Not till they ban smoking in pubs. And the pub that's advertising looks depressing anyway.

  • Cashier at the local grocery store. I am sort of tempted by this, as I think there would be a certain interest in seeing what people buy; plus I would get to make them feel uncomfortable when they bought condoms. But I think that would get boring after about 35 seconds.

  • Cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. I keep seeing their recruitment ad when I peruse the jobs available online. Obvious practical problems aside (don't think flying backwards and forwards across the Atlantic would be really conducive to an orderly home life) I have no wish to be an airborne waitress. I also have a strong feeling that the only reason that Bobby keeps returning to this option is that one of his ambitions is to have sex on an aeroplane, and he thinks that this might increase his chances.

    I should never have listened to that career advisor at university who said "just study whatever you're interested in; jobs will take care of themselves if you get good enough degrees."
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