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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I didn't get the job I interviewed for yesterday.

It was a teaching assistant post, at a local school which has absolutely stunningly beautiful grounds. The school itself, though rather shabbier than its surroundings, had a really nice atmosphere - calm and orderly without seeming oppressive. All the children seemed busy and happy and the teachers seemed pleasant. Small classes, too. The hours were great, the location was perfect, the pay was a notch above abysmal ... I really wanted the job.

I came close, though. Or so they said when they called last night to let me know I hadn't got it. They said that they'd had 25 applications, had short-listed four people, and that I was their second choice from those. They said that the successful applicant was only successful because she had "many years" experience in exactly this type of work, that they'd been impressed by my interview, and that they'd keep my details on file.

So, some small consolation there, but I'm still sad.

The interview process was slightly odd. All four of us short-listed people were given a tour of the school together, then herded back into the waiting room and called out one at a time for the actual interview. Luckily for me they did it alphabetically, so I didn't have to wait around for ages. Must have been a bit annoying for the last candidate, though - she must have had to sit around for well over an hour.

The other odd thing was the time that they called to let me know I hadn't got the job - 20 to 11 last night! Bobby's guess is that their first-choice person had said she weren't sure if she really wanted the job, and they'd given her a deadline (till 10:30 maybe?) to let them know either way.

So - sigh. Guess I'll just keep on looking.

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